Cost of Attendance (COA)

The College of Medicine Office of Student Financial Aid (COM OSFA) provides you with a list of anticipated expenses on your Award Notification. These expenses, referred to as your Cost of Attendance (COA) or budget, reflect costs you may encounter during the regular nine month academic year. These costs may include:


The total COA is not the amount that you owe the university for the year. Some items in your COA are indirect costs not owed to the university, and some items are estimates. Please note that an average loan fee will be added to your COA for those that borrow a Federal Direct Loan and a Grad Plus Loan. The amount of the loan fee(s) added will depend on the type of loans borrowed.  Also note that the cost for registering for the Step 1 exam is included in the M2 'Book and Supply' amount, and the cost for both Step 2 exams are included in the M3 'Book and Supply' totals.

For a breakdown of the Estimated Costs by site and year, please visit the links below: