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How To Succeed In Academic Medicine As A Woman - FAAC Symposium 2012
Uploaded: 01/04/2013
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Description: Speakers from UI College of Medicine and from other schools of medicine across the country...

Snapshots of FAAC Events & Achievements

AAMC 2006 Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award

Congratulations to the Faculty Academic Advancement Committee, recipients of the AAMC 2006 Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award. The award was presented at the annual AAMC meeting in October 2006, in Seattle and given in recognition of FAAC's ongoing commitment to the advancement of women faculty in the College of Medicine. The award was accepted on behalf of FAAC by FAAC co-chairs - Dr. Claudia Morrissey and Dr. Mary Lou Schmidt, and the Dean of the College of Medicine Joseph Flaherty.

Above from left: Dr Mary Lou Schmidt (FAAC Co-Chair), Dr Kimberly Ephgrave (Associate Dean of Student Affairs, University of Iowa), Dr Claudia Morrissey (FAAC Co-Chair), Dr Joseph Flaherty (Dean of the College of Medicine, UIC).

Women in Medicine Networking Luncheon

FAAC's annual Women in Medicine networking luncheon was held on April 10th. Thank you everyone for your support and participation! We had a robust turnout as women throughout the College of Medicine came together to share their experiences in medicine.














FAAC Women in Medicine Networking Luncheon, April 10, 2008