What are your application deadlines?

The AMCAS application deadline is Nov. 1 of the year prior to the anticipated start date. The deadline for our supplemental application and recommendation letters is Dec. 1.

Do you send supplemental applications to everyone?

No, since there is a fee associated with the supplemental application, we send it only to applicants we are seriously considering for admission.

What Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) score and grade point average do you need for admission?

The mean MCAT score for an admitted person in 2013 was 31; the mean grade point average was a 3.6/4.0. Please note that the committee also looks for other qualities not found in the MCAT or GPAs. The above numbers are for reference only.

What courses fulfill the behavioral/social science pre-requisite?

You need three courses in the Behavioral/Social Sciences (for example: anthropology, psychology or sociology).  Two of the three courses must be in the same field of study.  If you are applying to one of the College’s special programs (e.g., MSP, MSTP, RIMSAP, RMED, UMED, etc.) please check with those programs to get more details on this pre-requisite. More about pre-requisites…

Who should write letters of recommendation?

We require a minimum of three academic letters of recommendation or one composite recommendation from a pre-professional committee.  This group of letters should contain only one research letter.  Acceptable letters of recommendations are written by professors, academic advisor(s), thesis supervisor(s) or research supervisor(s).  Personal recommendations are not acceptable.  Letters of recommendation must be completed on official university or business letterhead. More about applying…

How can I change my state residency to Illinois?

You must live in Illinois for at least one year prior to applying to medical school for reasons other than education. You must rely upon gainful employment in the state or prove reliance upon resources in Illinois. (Loans for education, graduate assistantships or student employment are not considered evidence of intent to establish residency.) See: https://tigger.uic.edu/depts/oar/current_students/residency.html

What is the minimum degree one should have earned in order to apply?

A baccalaureate degree must be earned prior to the anticipated enrollment; it does not necessarily have to be completed at the time of application. If the baccalaureate degree is earned from a foreign school, the applicant must take at least 32 semester hours of course work at a U.S.-accredited four-year institution before applying to the College of Medicine. More about pre-requisites…

Will it affect my application negatively if I complete my pre-requisites at a community college?


What should my major be in undergraduate school?

Applicants may elect any undergraduate major. However, certain undergraduate majors will include more of the pre-requisite course work than others. More about pre-requisites…

Is there any correlation between campus assignment and campus of interview?

No, the campus where you interview will not determine where you will be assigned for medical school