Pelvic Exam & Surgical Skill Simulation


Pelvic Exam Simulation Instructions

During Orientation day you will have an opportunity to participate in the Pelvic Exam Workshop with UIH faculty. Here you will learn how to properly perform a pelvic exam on a model. Click the link above to see a list of the steps you must perform.


Suture Workshop
During your rotation's first Friday lecture day you will participate in the Suture Workshop. Here you will spend one half hour practicing knot-tying with UIH faculty and one half hour practiciting sutures on raw chicken thighs with UIH faculty. Click the link above to see the suturing instructions during the workshop.


Students also have an opportunity to practice suturing and pelvic exams on models during Friday lecture days. Clerkship Coordinator, Rocio Cazares, can give students access to the simulation room during your lunch break.