Apply for the MD/PhD

Apply for the MD/PhD


The University of Illinois College of Medicine sponsors two MD/PhD programs: the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), available on the Chicago campus; and the Medical Scholars Program (MSP), available on the Urbana campus. Both programs train exceptional students for careers as physician-scientists. Graduates combine the basic with the clinical sciences and pursue interdisciplinary approaches to crucial biomedical problems.

Application to either of these MD/PhD programs is a two-step process:

  • Submit an AMCAS application to the College of Medicine Admissions Office. The applicant should check the AMCAS box for MD/PhD and write the requested additional essays.
  • Apply to the MD/PhD program of choice (or to both) by following the application directions of each program which can be found at:

    MSP at Urbana

     MSTP at Chicago

The Medical Scholars Program  on the Urbana campus allows students the opportunity to pursue graduate study in over 30 academic disciplines, including the social sciences, humanities, engineering, physical sciences, as well as the biomedical sciences. The MSP provides a rich environment for bright and creative scholars to pursue their passion for combining cutting-edge research with individualized high-quality clinical training.

The Medical Scientist Training Program  on the Chicago campus combines the major portions of the medical school and bioscience PhD curricula to provide an integrated physician-scientist education. Program duration varies from student to student, but training generally requires seven to eight years.