Apply for the MD/PhD

Apply for the MD/PhD


University of Illinois College of Medicine offers admissions to MD/PhD training via the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), which is available on the Chicago campus.

The Medical Scientist Training Program trains exceptional students for careers as physician-scientists.  In comparison to other physicians, MD/PhDs stand out for their scientific insight into bedside problems as innovative champions of progress in medicine.  In comparison to other scientists, MD/PhDs have deeper perceptions of medical significance in biology and a greater ability to transfer basic scientific advances toward patient care.  MSTP graduates routinely gain admission to highly competitive residency programs at premier academic institutions across the country.

The Medical Scientist Training Program on the Chicago campus is located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, just outside of downtown Chicago.  Its extensive clinical and research resources provide an extraordinary and exciting opportunity for the study of medical science.

Program duration varies from student to student; however, training generally requires seven to eight years to complete this combined degree.

Applicants to the Medical Scientist Training Program must apply to the UIC College of Medicine via AMCAS.  The AMCAS application includes a check box for choosing MD/PhD programs.  When you check the box, the AMCAS application will include 2 additional essays which you should complete.

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