Dual Degree Programs

Dual  Degree Programs


There are five MD-specific Dual Degrees currently offered at University of Illinois, some of which are campus specific.

Dual degree programs enable students to earn an MD while pursuing additional degree paths:

The MD/PhD Degree is a Combined Degree Program offered both through the Chicago Campus’s Medical Scientist Training Program and through the Urbana Campus’s Medical Scholar’s Program. For the Combined Degree Programs, a committee within the admissions office makes the final decision on who will be accepted into the program prior to the first year of the program. Prospective students are required to write additional essays specifically for these programs as part of the application process.

The MD/MPH, MD/MBA, MD/JD, and MD/MS CTS are Joint Degree Programs in which some of the training toward the MBA, MPH, JD, and MS may be campus specific whereas, in most cases, the MD portion of the training can be completed at any of the four campuses. For the Joint Degree Programs, the Joint Degree Steering Committee makes the final decision on who will be accepted, and applications are not due until December 1 of the student’s first (M1) year.