Joint Degree Programs

Joint  Degree Programs


The University of Illinois offers several programs in which another degree is earned in addition to the medical degree.

Joint degree programs enable students to earn an MD while pursuing additional degree paths. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously.

MD/PhD  admission is offered through the Chicago Campus's Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP).  The MSTP makes recommendations to the Admissions Committee for acceptance to their program.  Student applicants who are not accepted to the MSTP are still considered for admission to the College of Medicine.

To learn more about applying to this program please see the link below.

The MD/MPH, MD/MBA, MD/JD, and MD/MS CTS are Joint Degree Programs in which some of the training toward the MBA, MPH, JD, and MS may be campus specific whereas, in most cases, the MD portion of the training can be completed at any of the four campuses. For these programs, first year medical students (M1) are eligible to apply and applications are not due until December 1 during the M1 year. The Joint Degree Steering Committee makes the final decision on acceptance. The MD/MS in Bioengineering will be a new program in fall 2015.