COM Programs

Doctor of Medicine (MD)


The MD Curriculum of the College of Medicine provides a solid foundation in the basic and clinical sciences and early exposure to patients. Our educational program is designed to serve a variety of career choices, allowing students to prepare for careers in medical practice, research, academia, community medicine, and various disciplines of medical practice. Additionally, emphasis is placed on developing an attitude that is necessary for effective communication with individual patients, and society at large.

Students interested in University of Illinois COM have the opportunity to explore a variety of different potential paths in their pursuit of an MD degree:

    • PAP: The Post-Baccalaureate Admissions Program provides an opportunity for selected individuals to participate in an 11-month structured education process after undergraduate and prior to medical school that enhances the science foundation and essential skills necessary to handle the rigors of Medical Education.
    • SPP: This Summer Pre-Matriculation Program is a six-week academic enrichment program aimed at bolstering students’ basic medical science knowledge and encouraging development of professional and peer support networks during the summer prior to matriculation at the College of Medicine.

    • GPPA: The Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions Initiative allows a limited number of Freshman per year to be admitted to University of Illinois (Chicago campus) with guaranteed admission into the Medical School. Students need only maintain pre-set curriculum and performance criteria to maintain their guarantee.

    • RIMSAP: The Rural Illinois Medical Student Assistant Program helps qualified applicants from Illinois cover some of their financial needs. Accepted students receive low-interest-rate loans. This program is designed to provide primary care doctors to rural communities in Illinois. Students must be interested in family practice or another primary health care field.
    • JAMES SCHOLAR – JS/ISP: The James Scholar Program for Independent Study focuses on supporting and refining research skills among medical students as they develop into physicians and clinical professionals. The program is designed to support outstanding medical student researchers during their M2-M4 years.
    • PCM: The Patient-Centered Medicine (PCM) Scholars Program is one of the first in the nation to explicitly train students to practice patient-centered care. The Program affords students selected as PCM Scholars a unique opportunity to work with culturally and socioeconomically diverse patients from the M1 through the M4 years.
    • RSPP: The Rural Student Physician Program (RSPP) is a 28-week extended clerkship that immerses up to 10 percent of the third-year students in Peoria into a comprehensive educational experience in a rural community setting, integrating the curriculum for pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, psychiatry, general surgery and family medicine. The experience is designed to recruit students into rural-oriented residencies and primary care.
    • UIC COM Certificate Programs: Two online certificate programs are available for application to first year medical students. The College of Medicine can provide up to 10 medical students an online educational opportunity to enhance their career options and strengthen their CV for residency application. Students can use these programs to better prepare themselves for research-oriented residency programs.